BSA Registration

The BSA (Boy Scouts of America) registration fee structure revolves around the calendar year. Registration is always open and BSA charges new scouts prorated fees based on the month they join. These funds go straight to the national BSA organization and do not support Pack31's operating costs. These registration fees allow Pack31 to be association with BSA and provides cover of essential services, including program resources, liability insurance for those participating in approved Scouting activities, youth protection and other local council resources


New Members must apply and pay online. If you have never been a registered scout before, a $25 new member fee is assessed. BSA’s registration fee from January to December is $75. That's $6.25 per month. So if you register and pay online in September, 4 months until the end of the year, that would be $25 registration and $25 new member = $50.


Come January EVERYONE is reset and required to pay again for recharter. You will remit the $75 payment to Pack 31 who will pay for everyone with the recharter submission to BSA.

Pack Dues

Pack dues remain with the pack. The pack committee agreed some of the dues will be used to cover leader registration. Dues are also used for 1) handbooks 2) neckerchiefs 3) hiking stick 4) adventure loops 5) awards 6) patches 7) religious emblems 8) campsite reservations 9) supplies for fall and spring campout 10) catered meal and supplies for Blue and Gold banquet 11) derby trophies, and other agreed upon costs that serves the pack.

Pack dues are currently $60 for the year. This can be remitted at the same time as recharter / registration fees.

These two fees means everyone will pay $135 for membership covering their responsibility for the upcoming year.

Trail's End Popcorn Fundraising

If you choose to participate in our fundraiser there is opportunity to have your costs discounted. More detailed information will be shared with our registered members.